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Rev. Dr. Dwight Perry oversees Converge Great Lakes (formerly known as Great Lakes Baptist Conference) with pastoral care and dynamic leadership. 

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TurnaroundMinistryLeader consulting services provides a comprehensive list of services to both churches, ministry non-profits and parachurch/mission agencies.

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The Case For Renewal

Why can't our church grow?

Why does it seem like every month we are losing more people than we are gaining?

Why does our organization continually have to face declining revenue year after year?

How come no matter what we do we continually seem to not be able to attract new people?

I am so sick about the conflict that is going on at this church. It seems like every meeting we have turns into a struggle between this group or that?

Hello my name is Dr. Dwight Perry and I have had the privilege of serving Christ full-time as a pastor, church planter, denominational executive, Bible College professor and administrator as well as ministry consultant for the past 33 years.

Unfortunately the questions that you have just seen are questions that are not only not uncommon but are questions that I run into no matter the church, parachurch, denominational or missions agency context.

The disheartening part of this conversation is the reality that because many have not found the answers to these questions the church in America has now become one of the new unchurched mission fields of the world with more missionaries being sent here to America than we send out from America.

There are approximately 80 percent of all churches in either a plateaued or declined condition, with the vast majority of people who join these churches being attributed to transfer growth versus conversion growth. These unanswered questions are the primary reason also why the average attendance of a protestant church in America is 75 attendees. According to famed mission specialist and researcher states that "less than 6 percent of all churches growing or 94 % losing ground to the communities they serve."

Even though we have more megachurches, (churches who attendance of over 2000 attendees today than at any time in our history as a nation) approximately 1420, we have far more unchurched and unreached people in this country than ever before, as church attendance is actually declining. As a result of this growing reality I have dedicated my life to seeing organizational renewal and revival come to our churches, mission agencies and denominations with the key to this becoming a reality not being some type of new program or plan but God empowered, broken, gospel centered what I call "Turnaround Ministry Leaders" who like the first century disciples are able to turn their world "upside down" for the cause of Christ.

Take a moment to Walk with me through this website as either a potential turnaround leader or one whom God is already using to bring about renewal to Christ's beautiful bride - His Church as we discover together what does it mean to be a Turnaround Leader.